Who we are

We are a team of engineers with almost 100 years of combined industry experience in IP-Core design, including solutions for low power IoT devices, with many silicon-proven designs. We combine this experience with academic research on digital signal processing (DSP) and voice recognition.

This unique blend of industry proficiency and scientific knowledge allows us to create excellent solutions.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive set of complementary IP-Cores for voice controlled devices.

What we do

We focus on IP-Cores for IoT devices with voice interfaces.
The world is on the edge of an IoT revolution. Changes in many aspects of our lives such as electronics we use, industry, transportation, or healthcare – are happening right now.
The main challenge is minimising the power consumption. Addressing it, will enhance battery life and lower the weight of battery powered IoT devices.


VAD Module


Phonemic proposes a unique solution – Voice Activity Detection (VAD) IP-Core.

It’s based on innovative algorithms, able to distinguish between speech and ambient sounds with high accuracy. The VAD IP-Core can be integrated in a SoC (System-on-Chip) and used as a wake-up mechanism for functional blocks of voice interface with more advanced inference capabilities, such as voice command recognition. This significantly saves energy during non-speech periods.

It is expected to reduce the total power consumption of a voice interface up to 100 times, which means lower battery requirements and, in turn — significantly extending the battery life of an IoT device.

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